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Related Projects 2014

John Vredenburg plays bass in Digital Leather. He also shreds and roars in his metal band,
Pro Magnum. They released this piece of evil in 2014. (They're looking for someone to help them with a proper release wink wink)

Diode is the is industrial-noise collaboration of Shawn from Digital Leather and David H. from Worried Mothers. It was released early 2014 on the wonderful Crash Symbols imprint.

Dome Valley is Shawn Foree's minimalist synth project. Fully instrumental. Released on a limited cassette in December on Castle Bravo, a new Indiana label.

The TIT Ep came out on 12" vinyl in December as well. Features Shawn Foree and Bobby Hussy, of The Hussy. Volar/ FDH Records.

Todd Fink plays synth in Digital Leather. He's also the singer for The Faint. They released the pulsating Doom Abuse earlier this year.

As if Todd wasn't busy enough, he produced the new Orenda Fink Lp for Saddle Creek Records in 2014. Beautifully dark.

Digital Leather did a split 12" with The Hussy on Baltimore's Southpaw Records in 2014


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Digital Leather at SXSW 2014 (no wristbands)

Frid 3/14  Goner 
711 Red River St. 

7:45- Golden Boys & John WesleyColeman
9:15- Moving Finger
10:00- Sex-Belt
10:45- NOTS
11:30- Digital Leather
12:15- BB and the Fax
1:00- Reigning Sound



Sat 3/15 Castle Face 
@the Owl:                 
1522 E. 12th st.

12:45- Amplified Heat

1:30- Tacocat

2:15- Male Gaze

3:00- The Abigails


4:30- Burnt Ones

5:15- Useless Eaters

6:00- POW!

fb event

Sat 3/15
Sailor Jerry haus:
1504 E 6th St

8:30 - Digital Leather

w/ Radar Eyes, King Dude and lots more.

Fri 3/21- Sweatshop (Omaha) 

         w/ Speedy Ortiz and PILE

                                   buy new record

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Diode is Shawn Foree of Digital Leather and David Hansen of Worried Mothers. After nine records as Digital Leather, crafting lo-fi synth punk sui generis, Foree has formed what we'll refer to as an "industrial shit-noise band" with Hansen.
The debut on Crash Symbols lurks in the future, but as an introduction "Peck On The Lips" is nothing nice mixed with the disturbances of a mind rotten to the core. While the rampage of "Peck On The Lips" might incur assumptions this is the product of menacing trips down substance abuse rabbit holes, Foree claims the record was done sober of mind and body. Knowing Diode transmits without ellicit assistance makes the industrial waste all the more ultraviolent. Foree howls and croaks like he's dying an insect's death under the squish of a boot only to be reincarnated in a lower class of centipede.
Crash Symbols has full length plans for Diode, but nothing concrete as of yet.