Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Interview for City Trash Magazine (NE)

"With a whole slew of new records in the works and an upcoming European tour, it was time to get in touch with Digital Leather to spill some light on all this. Especially since, for a while, a lot of people hadn't been able to pin "what the band was up to" in recent months until the recent explosion of new material started pouring out again. So, through the appropriately cold channel of internet communication, myself (Mattt) cyber-sat-down with Digital Leather (aka Shawn Foree) to discuss the recent writing, recording, and touring plans. And also just to serve up a small "get familiar with the band" kind of thing for those just getting aquainted with the synth-punk genius of Digital Leather. Ok......let's get a crackin!" –MATTT

Matt: I see the Camel Toe 7" on Goner was a hit in most circles. What else have you been up to?

Shawn: writing, drinking, sobering up

Matt: You seemed like you were sitting quietly waiting there for a few months, but now you're blowing up all over the map suddenly. Did you take some time off to write?

Shawn: i was absorbing life (high)

Matt: How do you view Digital Leather as a band? It's obviously your own personal thing for the most part, but you have a lot of people that contribute here and there. Do they fit into the "band" mold, or is it mostly all you?

Shawn: DL has many incarnations and moods. it's a band and a diary. it's a bipolar shapeshifter. so to answer your question, i don't know

Matt: Your "style" is hard to pin down because it involves so many unique sounds. What would you describe it as? Any influences that stick out when you hear it?

Shawn: DL is new wave i guess. meaning it takes from pop, punk, dance, and experimental. i like being classified. i really do. new wave.

Matt: Everything sounds like it's working off it's own theme as a song. Do you have any thoughts of producing or writing for other people? You seem to come up with a lot of diverse but fitting "vibes" in your song parts. This could come in handy as hell for people who need a musical tune-up.

Shawn: i wanna write for other people and have. my songs get covered all the time, which is fun. writing for others gives me a chance to expand my range as a writer because that's what i am essentially, a writer.

Matt: Would you say you are more of a "scientist" or a "savage" in the studio when writing or recording?

Shawn: i'm more of a savage in the studio. my best work pours out of me faster than i can lay it down.

Matt: What's the genre or artist you absolutely hate right now?

Shawn: that's a very hard question for me to answer. there's so much music out there right now that i hate. so much phony bullshit. I guess I'd have to say as a whole, i hate the entire garage movement; if i only had one choice.

Matt: Since the records are usually very synth-based, and you write all of it yourself, how are you trying to replicate that live nowadays? Or are you doing it all with a live band?

Shawn: I've got a really great band behind me right now. We're drums, guitar, bass and synth. i stole each member from other bands. our live shows are gonna blow people away i suspect. we're loud and we sound punk as hell.

Matt: So you're playing Goner Fest again this year. Any word on that first live LP from Goner Fest II yet? When is that Live LP from Goner Fest II coming out?

Shawn: the live Lp is supposed to be out early 2008. that was a great show. i never seen so many sweaty, dancing cokeheads in one room, in the middle of the day!

Matt: I know a lot of people want to see you play in Europe, so what are your plans (if any) for touring there in the near future?

Shawn: I'm trying to wrap up booking a euro tour right now. we'll see if it pans out. i hate being so fucking DIY!

Matt: How are the Cutters?

Shawn: the Cutters will start doing live shows to finally, and touring with DL. I am eager as hell to play our first real show.

Matt: What's you favorite record you've done so far? Why?

Shawn: I would have to say hands down, without a doubt, all of them. they're my kids.

official releases:
Digital Leather s/t
DL simulator 7"
DL monologue
DL/ Angry Angles split 7"
DL cameltoe 7"
DL 7" on red lounge records
DL 7" on disordered records


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