Thursday, May 19, 2011

ode to acceptance

when i started doing music someone told me that unless i had a nice electric guitar, i wasn't good enough. so i got a decent electric guitar and learned how to work it pretty well. then, i started playing in bands and some dude told me unless i had something out on vinyl, i wasn't good enough. so i put something out on vinyl. a few things actually. later, someone mentioned that unless i had a catchy album, i wasn't good enough. i wrote a catchy album. then it was: if you don't have proper publicity, you're not good enough. with the help of some friends, i got that, too. point is, after all that, here i am. feeling not good enough. and there they are: they keep coming. telling me i suck because i don't meet this or that standard. an endless barrage. i'm just like everybody else. i bust my ass to meet a status quo and the pay off is insufficiency. take from that what you want.

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