Sunday, December 9, 2012

Digital Leather- 2012 Holidaze

Looking to scare someone into leaving you? Perhaps a soundtrack to an emotional suicide? Or maybe you just want to alienate folks at your next cocktail party...

As the year closes, I'd like to remind you of some of the weird shit I did over its course. 
There are a few copies of each of these albums left from their respective labels. 


Looking to get completely depressed? Infinite Sun is my rant on death and the afterlife set to sludgy, swirly synths. 12"vinyl. Order HERE

Yes, Please. Thank You: Love songs about chemical enhancement. The world is a sad place sometimes. Let this be your drug. Cassette.  Order HERE

Last, but not least- Modern Problems. From what I've gathered, this album will either confuse you or it will rarely leave your turntable. So, it's a win win! 12"vinyl. Order HERE

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leo said...

when someday u whant to came to europe whrite me! i like your music!

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