Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fantasy Boys

jesus christ i feel the same as every lame girl in this bar she thinks shes a superstar sparkly skirt and pink sunglasses freckly faces freckly asses surrounding me im feeling sickened shoot me high and get me spinning hopefully i'll tolerate this wanna get drunk and go home forget that this ever happened bartender hand me a napkin so that i can wipe my mouth vanity im heading south where all the weathers nice and humid meet a nice boy at the club settle down and start a nightmare

i am the source of your fantasy boys look at me not care look at me not care

jesus christ i feel ashamed like every lame girl in this world help me out and keep me human oh bartender please keep em coming cant get high i cant get low so nauseated by the boring little scene that ive created i'd rather be home masturbating to the television dreamboats are they vain and selfish too maybe theyre disinterested im interesting just like you sick of all the pretty girls who forgot all the pretty words the pretty lips the pretty curls of vanity pretty absurd


Anonymous said...

pitter patter

Anonymous said...

Dope song. -Greg Weed, dc