Thursday, March 6, 2014

Digital Leather at SXSW 2014 (no wristbands)

Frid 3/14  Goner 
711 Red River St. 

7:45- Golden Boys & John WesleyColeman
9:15- Moving Finger
10:00- Sex-Belt
10:45- NOTS
11:30- Digital Leather
12:15- BB and the Fax
1:00- Reigning Sound



Sat 3/15 Castle Face 
@the Owl:                 
1522 E. 12th st.

12:45- Amplified Heat

1:30- Tacocat

2:15- Male Gaze

3:00- The Abigails


4:30- Burnt Ones

5:15- Useless Eaters

6:00- POW!

fb event

Sat 3/15
Sailor Jerry haus:
1504 E 6th St

8:30 - Digital Leather

w/ Radar Eyes, King Dude and lots more.

Fri 3/21- Sweatshop (Omaha) 

         w/ Speedy Ortiz and PILE

                                   buy new record


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